What is Social Network Marketing and How to Market Successfully With Social Networking Sites

Social network marketing is prospecting successfully by pushing the right agenda. A more effective method for using the internet to promote your business is online social network. It is one of the newest way to reach not only to the internet generation, but also the casual user. Online marketing “the 21st century version of word of mouth advertising”.

Successful brands have something up their sleeve yet – a well overdue effective weapon specifically targeting the ‘always-online’ users..

With all this in mind then, the modern phenomenon of social networking is soon no longer a phenomenon. It is the new approach many network marketers take now and it guarantees them success by successfully targeting and offering the right product to a targeted audience. Marketing is about helping others succeed, not selling your agenda. Also with websites such as twitter, myspace and Facebook comes strong with helpful tools that you can use to leverage your time in social media. If you have been on the internet for any time now, you have probably heard of network marketing. Myspace will most likely never stop as long as the website is popular, and the resource box below will show you how you can make it work for yourself also.

Social networking marketing offers the benefit of using personal connections and dialogues to promote businesses. Some of the most effective marketing services are twitter, Facebook and myspace, although there are a multitude of additional networking websites that can also be used to spread a viral marketing message through a number of people. An excellent example of a successful marketing strategy was a sale run by a major retailer on a specific date, where the company offered flip flops for the price of $1/pair.

Social marketing can promote your business. network marketing relies on interpersonal connections between users, so it is important that those trying to promote their products through social network be able to sustain conversations with followers, friends, and others who read and respond to their posts. Since social site marketing can be seen as a form of publishing, be aware of online copyright issues. Social network marketing is an industry now.

Members of these sites will have to get used to online communities. No wonder, marketing online has helped many people to increase their business online and offline. Maximize your social media marketing. And getting friends is the hardest part of social network marketing for businesses. Network marketing or social level marketing, is an advertising method that makes use of social network service and to increase their web presence. Companies sometimes invest in internet presence management, which can include marketing online.

Also to mention social media marketing is much cheaper than tv marketing which makes it hot favorite as social network is “cheap to operate but highly productive business model” and in recession times its the only survivor. Through social network marketing services, the experts that get found now will evaluate your internet presence at no cost or obligation. Learn marketing strategies, tactics and build an online road map for your business. The potential benefit that a business can gain from a firm grasp over social network marketing opportunities is an impossible potential to ignore.

Whether you own your own business or work for the a company, there are distinct competitive advantages for better understanding and using social community network marketing to promote your product or service. There is a lot of information on the topic of social network marketing, that it can be difficult to separate the good from the bad. Facebook, myspace, twitter, flickr, youtube, wikipedia, digg, stumbleupon, delicious and technorati are just a few social site to consider when planning your online marketing campaign. You may have heard a lot of buzz about how great social network marketing and online marketing is for your business.

Yet to be effective and successful with you online social networking strategies for your business, you need to learn the right marketing tactics by attending social network marketing workshop training. Network marketing is still a fairly new concept when it cones to online marketing strategies. With social marketing, you will enjoy more targeted website traffic and link-backs, improved customer relationships and increased brand awareness. To promote your business, product or service where everyone is looking online, add social network marketing to your internet marketing strategy. Social marketing has really taken off!

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6 Amazing Tips To Direct Traffic To Your Website For Free

The secret of success in internet and affiliate marketing is the volume of traffic, and targeted traffic, visiting your website to buy or refer to buy products, either your own or affiliates.

There are various ways to increase traffic to your website either paid or free and knowing the best of each is a surefire way to ensure your site is advertised and visited.

It is possible to attract regular visitors using different techniques and methods to attract attention and interest.

There is of course, a huge difference between attracting people who read and people who click to buy. Traffic needs to be hungry and looking to spend money and you need to provide what they are looking for.

In order to increase traffic to your blog, here are some tips on free traffic generation.

1. Use various media on your site – when writing posts use different types including video (YouTube), screengrabs and screenshots, audio, text and images. This shows variety in your content and the reader will click to find out more information.

2. Regular updates – by constantly refreshing and updating your website, you will promote curiosity in the change each time and create a compulsion to return again to see what happens next.

3. Create a membership – provide regular advice, tips and support to regular visitors by requesting feedback and comments on posts or products you are promoting. Request registration using email and offer regular free newsletters, updates and bonuses for visiting. By encouraging interaction with other visitors, this become a community and social location offering a sense of belonging to regular readers.

4. SEO – search engine optimisation or the use of keywords to appear high in search engine rankings, increasing the likelihood of clicks due to displaying the required information and direction for internet users based on the topic they are researching. Keywords can be single words phrases, questions or a full sentence.

5. Article Writing – if you have imagination, creativity and the ability to research and explain, article writing and posting on sites, blogs and online magazine sites will display your work, encouraging visitors to your site to gain more information.

6. Guest Blog – by visiting other blogs within your niche and posting guest blogs, inviting the website owner to guest blog on your site, creating links between sites increase recognition in search engines and also directs traffic from that website to your site.

For further information and more advice on increasing traffic to your site, tips on affiliate marketing and creating your own moneymaking website, visit Progress for Success NOW.

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Cara Yang Tepat Menang Di Bandar Togel Online


Siapa sich yang tidak ingin menang dalam soal masalah judi togel online. Tentunya anda berkemauan untuk menang terus pada bandar togel online. Banyak para pemain yang mengatakan bahwa mereka kesulitan dalam memasang angka togel yang jitu. Itu dapat juga jadi unsur malas dari para pemain sendiri untuk pelajari pengetahuan merumus togel yang pas. Pada pertemuan kesempatan ini, aku akan memberi sedikit panduan mengenai bagaimana caranya menang banyak togel hongkong di situs resmi bandar togel online.

Cara Menang Banyak Bermain Togel Di Bandar Togel Online

Togel online adalah permainan angka yang paling susah di tebak. Bila anda tidak mau belajar dalam rumus togel online, jangan berharap kemenangan jadi punya anda. Dari sisi angka saja togel online mempunyai beberapa gabungan, 4D 3D 2D. Serta anda pun masih malas belajar tentang rumus judi togel online, terus bagaimana caranya supaya anda dapat menang. Jawbannya ialah belajar serta terus belajar pada rumus togel online. Walau sebenarnya sedikit peluang di beberapa situs resmi qqtoto slot 88 telah sediakan rumus togel yang paling baru, tetapi mengapa anda masih bermalas malas pada unsur penting ini.

Bila anda berkeyakinan menang dalam permainan agen togel online, baca penjelasan berikut ini secara serius.

1. Bermain Dengan Skema Lipatan

Cara yang paling penting yakni togel dengan skema lipatan, seperti cara ini seringkali di bicarakan beberapa pebettor togel online pemula sampai profesional. untuk bermain dari trick ini anda harus mengetes kesabaran di dalam bermain, sebab trick dari skema ini ialah cari sela dari angka itu. Mereka umumnya bermain pada sistem ini mempercayakan bonus dari tiap situs yang sekarang dimainkan. Sebab jika di hitung dari sisi kemenangan serta bonus dapat membuahkan keuntungan yang banyak. Ini dapat juga jadikan salah satunya skema Penyelidikan tertentu buat anda yang suka bemain judi togel online di banyak pasaran seperti pasaran togel singapura, togel sydney, togel hongkong, atau pasaran togel yang lain.

2. Bermain Dengan Skema Acak Angka 3D

Cara yang satu ini dapat juga disebut tidak susah buat anda dalami. Anda cuma memakai semua angka 0 – 9, serta jadikan sesuatu gabungan dengan bentuk BBFS selanjutnya di acak secara acak. Cara ini menurut aku memiliki kesempatan yang banyak, karena trick ini cuma hilangkan tempat acak yang kembar saja, hingga bila angka yang kembar yang keluar anda akan kalah, namun kebalikannya bila ada angka kembar yang tidak keluar karena itu anda menang 100%.

Memang buat anda yang belum kenal lebih dalam mengenai permainan judi togel online, pertama tentunya anda akan alami tidak berhasil paham. Tetapi makin anda pelajari beberapa rumus itu dengan cermat karena itu anda akan gampang dalam memproses angka seperti keinginan anda, serta tentunya akan tembus pada result setelah itu di permainan judi togel online. Judi togel online sendiri pun tidak dapat dikira sepele seperti yang telah aku terangkan di atas, sebab ini ialah permainan angka, dan tidak di terka secara asal asalan. Angka sendiri memiliki rumus yang harus anda bahas secara cermat. Anda pun jangan sangsi ragu dalam menempatkan atau meletakkan angka waktu bertaruh, sebab unsur kebimbangan akan menghalangi keyakinan anda di dalam bermain, kunci keberhasilan bermula dari saat ini. Jika anda dari mulai saat ini telah memperlajari aku berharap kemenangan dapat punya anda seluruhnya.

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Some Truths and Misconceptions About Internet Marketing

FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Those of us yearning to create a better life for ourselves strive to become financially free. There are several ways we can reach financially freedom; some involve luck and others involve dependence on others. However, there is a way that one can reach that plateau without relying on luck or direct help from others: TO BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS.When you strive to become your own boss, you are taking your life into your own hands. Thus, there are several ways you can create a better life for yourself. The best way to start earning an income for yourself is ECOMMERCE. Why not? If you have a computer and internet access (where millions of people access daily), you have the initial tools to start earning online income. Once you create (or discover) a product or service you can market, you are on your way to financial freedom. Welcome to the world of INTERNET MARKETING.For those who are familiar with internet marketing, you may find opportunities that tell you that you can “make money overnight” or they may tell you how easy it is to start earning $10k per month. Also, some of these opportunities will tell you that it’s “free” to start making money online. I want to discuss some of the misconceptions you may hear about Internet Marketing, and the truths about each of these misconceptions. Before I get into these misconceptions, I will illustrate an example of a misconception that I faced years ago when I was looking for a business opportunity.The year was 1987, and I was a sophomore at Howard University in Washington, DC. At the time, my mother was paying some of my tuition. I received the rest from financial aid. I know it was hard on my mother to pay for my college education, so I wanted to find a way to help her with those expenses. After all, I ultimately wanted to be responsible for my own college education.I am not able to remember where I saw the opportunity, but it was an ad that says MAKE MONEY BY STUFFING ENVELOPES. Of course at the time, the Internet was not available to the general public, so I had to send for the information via mail. About a week later, I received a letter in the mail. I started reading the letter, getting excited about the possibilities of making good money. I remembered some of the things that were mentioned in the letter:First, it mentioned how easy it is to make money stuffing envelopes, and to get paid for it. Secondly, it would ask: HOW MANY ENVELOPES CAN YOU STUFF PER MONTH? 10? 50? 100? 300? Reading this, my excitement grew. “YES, I can stuff 300 envelopes or more.”The next thing that the letter focused on is the amount of money you can make. I don’t exactly remember the amount, but the amount was in the ballpark of $2k to $5k per month.The bottom line is… the letter focused on how much much you can make, which would get anyone excited about signing up. At the end of the letter, there was a price of about $24.95, which you would have to pay in order to start stuffing envelopes. I paid the fee, then sent off my order form. I was thinking to myself… not only will I be able to pay for my own college expenses, but I will be able to do some Christmas shopping during the holiday season.When I got the report and I read it, my excitement suddenly turned to disappointment. After reading this report, I found out that I had to place ads in order to solicit others who want to stuff envelopes, then I would have to send interested parties the same letter I received previously, thus the term “Stuffing Envelopes”. In the report, it was suggested to place an ad in the National Inquirer. When I bought the National Inquirer, you wouldn’t believe how many STUFFING ENVELOPES ads I saw. There were HUNDREDS of ads. UGGHHH!!!!!The stuffing envelope scheme was an example of a chain letter scam. Such tactics would be illegal in this day and age, but at that time, there were quite a few of these business scams. Deception is the name of the game with these opportunities. You convince whomever is reading your letter how much money they can make without discussing the details, put a price on it, and after the prospects pay, you reveal the truth about what is offered. Unfortunately, many business opportunities today use the same tactics. Many of them tell you what you want to hear as far as making a lot of money, and they tell you how easy it is to make that money. After you pay the fee, or opt in to receive emails, you get the truth about the opportunity. In my opinion, this deception is one of the reasons why many people who want to become Internet Marketers fail before they can get started. When a person who is striving to become his/her own boss comes across a business opportunity that deceives them, thus saying one thing, then after you pay or opt in, saying something else, that can be discouraging to say the least.Below, I listed 6 misconceptions about internet marketing, followed by the truths that accompany these misconceptions.MISCONCEPTION #1: YOU CAN MAKE MONEY OVERNIGHTThe Misconception: This is probably the number one misconception one hears about Internet Marketing. Believe it or not, there are business opportunities out there that claim that you can make money “overnight”. When they say this, they don’t mean that you can literally make money overnight, but you can make it quickly.The Truth: There are several ways you can make money overnight: 1) winning the lottery, 2) winning big at the casinos, 3) winning by betting on sports, and 4) Obtaining money from an inheritance. As far as making money overnight in internet marketing; that is, if you’re starting from scratch, it just doesn’t happen. No one goes from rags to riches overnight with internet marketing. The truth is, making money as an Internet Marketer is a slow and methodical process. Even our most prominent Internet Marketers will tell you that it took months, perhaps years before they even made any serious cash.MISCONCEPTION #2: YOU CANNOT MAKE MONEY ONLINEThe Misconception: Before the Internet was available to the public, there were a lot of pyramid schemes and business practices that would be illegal today. Just the same, many people believe that most of the business opportunities online are not legitimate, thus making money online is nothing more than a fantasy.The Truth: There are legitimate business opportunities online that can provide a nice income for you. As with any business venture, whether it’s online or otherwise, there are procedures you must follow if you want to be successful. In other words, you must treat your online business as you would any mom-and-pop store; you will have to build it, meaning that you will have to work! With time, (and with a little investment), you can make a substantial online income for yourself.MISCONCEPTION #3: FREE… FREE… EVERYTHING’S FREE!!!!The Misconception: When it comes to Internet Marketing, the one word you will see with most business opportunities is the word FREE. Some of these opportunities will claim that they can help you make money online, and they can do it for free.The Truth: You will not be able to make $10k per month with an opportunity you received absolutely free. Many of these business opportunities will tell you that you can make a substantial income without coming out of your pocket, but only after you “opt in” (which means you signed up to receive future emails from them), you will then receive emails in which they will “upsell” to persuade you to pay for an offer in order to make money with the opportunity. The fact is, no business opportunity will make money by giving you something 100% free. Think about it. If you could earn $10k a month without spending a dime of your money, then there would be more successful Internet Marketers in the business.MISCONCEPTION #4: “YOU CAN MAKE $1000 IN JUST 7 DAYS”The Misconception: You’ve probably seen opportunities that claim that you can make a certain amount of money within a certain amount of time. Personally, I have seen videos in which people claim that they made over $1000 in one week after starting the opportunity.The Truth: It may be possible for a seasoned Internet Marketer, who already has already built a business relationship with a large number of people (i.e. a large list of email subscribers) to start a new business opportunity and rake in at least a thousand dollars in a week. It could be possible to make that amount of money if you pay a lot of $$$ for advertising. In general, no one, and I mean NO ONE who is inexperienced in internet marketing will be able to generate that amount of cash in their first 7 days of promoting the business. The fact to the matter is, many of these business opportunities tend to exaggerate the earnings to persuade you to sign up. Any legitimate business should be telling you more about the opportunity itself and less about the money you could make.MISCONCEPTION #5: “IT IS SO SIMPLE, EVEN A TEN-YEAR OLD CAN DO IT”The Misconception: When a business opportunity says a ten-year old can work the business, this is telling you that you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to make money.The Truth: If this statement were true, there would be far more Internet Marketers out there making a substantial income online. If a business opportunity was that simple, you wouldn’t have to go to college for 4 years to work for a Bachelor’s Degree. All you would have to do is to promote this business to make money. The truth is, no business opportunity is “simple”. You still will have to devote a lot of time and effort (and/or money) to make it grow and to start earning income.MISCONCEPTION #6: “YOUR WEBSITE WILL BE SEEN BY THOUSANDS”The Misconception: There are systems out there that claim they can help you receive a lot of traffic to your website or affiliate link.The Truth: This is another exaggeration to get you to opt in or buy into their system. What they don’t tell you is that in order to get thousands of views to your website, you will have to pay… and even when you pay, it’s not guaranteed that you will get that many views on your website. Also, the views that you may get could be from other Internet Marketers who are looking to promote their website or affiliate link. The only true way of increasing traffic to your website is to pay for advertising.Many of these business opportunities and systems will exaggerate or deceive you with their offers in order to get you to pay or opt in to their program. As an Internet Marketer, you should be aware that nothing will come easy as far as building a $10k per month enterprise. As with any business opportunity, you will have to earn your way to success, by putting in the time and effort to make the business grow. Utilizing the right tools, you will be successful.

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The Internet Marketing Autopsy

IntroductionThe “Death Of Internet Marketing” report was created and distributed by Mike Filsaime a couple of years back. This article was actually written a couple of days after it was released, but has been residing on my site until I pulled it off. Anyway, DOIM was one of those reports that actually got many people talking. Yet, because of the way it was marketed, I think it got a few people thinking about it, but probably not enough. Even this year, people aren’t doing what they need for their business, and I honestly don’t care if it is online or offline.Well, Mike says “Internet Marketing Died”. So here’s Stuart Tan’s autopsy:So… let’s just say that I’m going to do a post-mortem after this report is out into the market. Yep – we’re all into forensics now, with so many interesting metaphors such as the “death of internet marketing”.Most people would have by now read Mike Filsaime’s “Death of Internet Marketing”, Rich Schefren’s “Internet Business Manifesto” etc, etc. In my opinion, the biggest issues have not been dealt with. Mike undoubtedly gives a fantastic exposition of what was and what is to be.Why am I writing this? Because after looking at all the emails coming in about Mike’s report, I came to the conclusion that:
most internet marketers didn’t ‘get’ it. They said “it’s a good report”. That’s not what it’s about.
The reviews about Mike’s report were far too simplistic about implications about what he really had to say

Firstly, these reports really weren’t for the newbie in internet marketing. They are for experienced marketers who know what is happening in the industry. Second, it’s a foregone conclusion that you need to be more of an entrepreneur… not just a marketer.
For those of you who are unable to keep up with Mike’s brilliance, or think that this is the be-all and end-all of marketing strategy, most people have missed the basis of Mike’s report.Component #1 – Don’t be lazy!If you want to be lazy, you’ll go to the sharks. Most of the hardest working internet marketers are also the wealthiest. Again, I’m not suggesting that you are going to become wealthy by only working really hard. The truth of the matter is that working hard to achieve auto-pilot in your business does require a bit more strategizing and action.Component #2 – Assess trends!Staying outside of the box? Then you’ll definitely be very lost when it comes to assessing whether or not you should take on a business model like affiliate marketing, or ecommerce… because you have insufficient information to be able to decide. Assess trends. Watch the web. Look at all the stuff that is progressing right before your very eyes. Get on technology forums and learn, learn, learn.Component #3 – Credibility As Weaponry!Through all this hype and a very severe lack of information, it’s difficult to decide whether or not to buy one product or the other. The main deciding factor will come from someone whom you trust completely and will be willing to buy simply because you deem this person to be credible. So, build your credibility! It will take more than just one report to do this! Build your credibility! Set yourself up with the right people, credentials, etc. Or better still, get on one of my teleseminars.Component #4 – Forward Strategy!It’s not easy to move forward in internet marketing, but that’s often because one doesn’t have a clear direction in the first place. Vision, as Mike says, is important. I believe it’s more than just ‘vision’. It’s more like the ability to focus on what needs to be done, and just taking action and doing it, having already decided that it is something you will accomplish at all cost.Too many people balk at doing the things that matter. They end up procrastinating! Okay, I’m not an angel myself 100% of the time. But think of where you are. For instance, you know for a fact that you need to create content for your site. Say you’re not a really good content creator. What next? Wait and hope that money will fall from the sky? I don’t think so! You still need to find a way to get it done. Or, make a way! You may have to think of ways to get your way even though you can’t do it yourself.Component #5 – Polarity thinking… and the Stuart Slap!When everyone is doing something, you have to do the complete opposite.Look at the infamous Google Slap. If you’re not familiar, Google “slapped” people a number of times already. When people don’t provide good value, they get slapped. This is to force people to avoid their own impending doom. It’s like a parent slapping their children to not touch the burning flame. Still, people go ahead, get burnt, them blame the person they last encountered. Tsk. Tsk.The internet marketing world is filled with sheep. One person goes there and everyone follows. This is good news for the person who knows how to exploit this situation. When everyone moves in one direction, they miss out opportunities that already exist.One example is this – now everyone in Asia is heading and attacking the internet marketing niche. I know it’s not the right thing to do to monetize, and there are many other monetization sources out there. So what do I do? I spoil the market so that people will not be hoodwinked into buying non-value-for-money items. Is it a good strategy? Some people will hate me for it. But it will force the survivors up the chain, the credible ones will quadruple their income, and those who can’t handle the heat either give up or find another niche.What next?It’s not hard to understand. But the fact is, newcomers to the internet marketing world will look at these reports and say ‘what the heck do they mean’? Such things will garner a lot of value for the average internet marketer, but will hardly make sufficient sense to the average newbie in internet marketing. To them, it’s like “oh yeah – I’ll focus on my business strategy” or “sure, I’ll use a one-time-offer”. It seems like a ‘no-big-deal’ thing.Well, of course. That’s because there IS no big deal. We’ve come full circle. If you don’t do it right the first time, conventional wisdom like “failing to plan is planning to fail” will suddenly make lots of sense. Are you willing to wait until that happens??The Evolution Of Marketing StrategiesThe truth is this – marketing strategies have been evolving. Every day, there is a new strategy or tactic pulled by someone to create the next wave in internet marketing. But the truth is that most of them start with a concept from thinkers everywhere.”This Article Is Not Meant To Overwhelm You!”Yes, be overwhelmed, if you choose. I am still stumped by the fact that beginners are still lagging so far behind. I can’t blame them, but I can blame internet marketers for not helping to chip in to clear this.Excuse #1 – They are lazyInterpretation – I’m lazy.If you as an internet marketer are reading this and not going all out there to clear the air and help out building the market, the industry will become stagnant and there will be very little left that can be done in the industry. Mike’s prediction will then come true. We probably wouldn’t be able to sell anything because subscribers are going to be lambasted with emails over and over without the right ability to decide what to choose and why.Most internet marketers are themselves lazy. That’s the plain truth, and many admit to that. But they are propagating the problem, not solving it. Instead, they will need to cultivate a voracious appetite for information in people who are completely new. Disagree with me all you want. You’re the one reading this article.Excuse #2 – They are not technicalInterpretation – I can’t be bothered to look at ways in which newbies can learn easily.As a trainer, my angle as always been to simplify, simplify, simplify. If I can make a complex process simple enough to follow, there will be understanding and comprehension. This is good enough to start. When someone says that there is a complete lack of understanding, then that same person is going to be the reason why I start to alter my instructions or the way I teach.Excuse #3 – I don’t have enough resourcesInterpretation – I’m not creative enough to find a better way.All the experts out there had better find a way to utilize resources to make beginners learn in a more efficient way. Admittedly, I want to do this myself, but have failed in attracting the right learners much of the time, as well as to attract the right coaches. Too many times, people are in it just for the money. Selfish, selfish, selfish. It’s not wrong, it’s just selfish. Can you find better ways to do it? Challenge yourself!The Newbie PhenomenonFor every one or two internet marketing gurus, there are several hundred newbies who develop. At the rate of growth of internet marketing, there will be far more newbies than there are experts. The lop-sidedness of this is true – only 5% of the population will earn a decent income from internet marketing related products. The next 10% will probably be working very hard and earning decent 6-figure incomes. The next 25% are probably working hard and earning a high 5-figure income, but the mean range of the next 35-40% of internet marketers are struggling with 4-figure incomes. What this also means is that 25-30% of every internet marketer’s list has a bunch of newbies who are afraid to start internet marketing and don’t have a clue what to do.Here are typical mistakes newbies make:1. Diving into the “internet marketing” niche.I see so many newbies with ‘cut-and-paste’ approaches, attempting to encroach on the very large and highly profitable internet pie. I apologize in advance if you are one of these people. You will earn some income, but you won’t really make much. A couple of hundreds, maybe?If you are one of these, you are the kind of people being described in Mike’s report. Students of the gurus and guru wannabes. In my opinion, the biggest issue alluded by Mike’s report goes FAR BEYOND what he actually mentions. It’s a common thing, but missing. It’s called research.It’s so plain and simple, and all the information is literally right in front of your eyes. But you’ve been given so many opportunities that you don’t know which one to sell or to understand which niche to penetrate.Key lesson: to be an excellent internet marketer and entrepreneur, you MUST know how to assess the market. You MUST know what weapons are at your disposal, and you MUST know how to make a decision about what to sell, who to sell it to, and how to go about doing it.2. Affiliate marketing without ‘affiliating’Don’t you think that the issue in people selling other people’s products is clear? People want anonymity. They want to sell something without having to put their picture on the web. This is silly. If you want to be an affiliate marketer, you have to learn how to do it without fear of being revealed. Unless, of course, you are an employee who doesn’t want to be caught.Wait a minute – if you simply reversed the role, would YOU buy from someone who had something to hide? The whole idea about affiliate marketing is that people have forgotten that they need to be doing more “affiliating” than they do “marketing”.Key lesson: Loyalty will be the determining factor in your business strategy.3. UnCreativity – The Same-ol’ same-‘olSomeone says “do a report” and you do it. Someone else says “use a drop cap” and you use it. I don’t mean to put down such information. I do believe that it has been useful to some extent. But my question is… how do YOU know?The big irony is that the report entitled “The Death Of Internet Marketing” was being spread using the exact same mistakes that it talks about in the report itself! You see, the truth is you might be able to pull off the same stunt a couple of times, but on the third attempt… nah.You cannot (and should not) re-use methods developed by other people. The ideas are already passé the moment they go out on the net – after people use it over and over, it’s like a degrading gene pool. If you want to do something outstanding, then innovate a little. It’s the small innovative tweak that gets people to smirk, nod their heads and say ‘wow, that was brilliant’.If you don’t know, then you won’t know the foundational principles of how people react to your writings, reports, etc. It’s essential for you to be able assess their reactions and how they take action based on what you say, and to be able to do this well.If you are just doing cut and paste strategies, sure you can work with your list for a while, but you are still not cultivating a relationship with them. You are merely overloading them with information.Key lesson: If you are attempting to breach the internet marketing stronghold, you need to have far more than just used tactics and strategies. You have to think. You have to innovate. More on this later.Other issues In Internet Marketing1. Quality of products: no standards of assessmentWhat else did Mike say? He mentioned that many people are buying and buying into opportunities then heading off in all different directions. I see this happening right in front of my very own eyes. At the same time, he mentioned the concept of Web 2.0 and user generated content and the ability for users to rate and comment on a site. I’ve mentioned this several times in my internet marketing seminars. But the issue is, so what?You need to be able to assess the quality of something. How well you can assess the quality depends on the level of the user. I mean a complete newbie will hardly be able to provide an effective evaluation from an internet marketing perspective. In addition, there is also a growing trend for internet marketers to provide rewards for testimonials. This is hardly a fair judge of a product.As a trainer, I often request for feedback with a standard evaluation form at the end of my trainings. This form is created in order to assess specific elements in the training. The concept of training evaluation itself is a broad area, and if you’d like to receive my insights into this, you may do so at my Business Strategy section on my blog.2. Marketer recognitionAs you know, marketer recognition is an issue. Most people do not have the means to be able to establish a high enough level of credibility until they align with other top marketers. However, there is another way.Be aligned with happy and satisfied customers!Some of you might think that this is about building a really large testimonial list. Well, this testimonial list leverages on the psychology of social proof. However, if you are not schooled in logical analysis, you will not be able to pick out flaws in arguments. One such typical flaw is called the ‘slippery slope’ technique. “He was really good. He gave me a good product. Yeah.” What in the world kind of testimonial is that? How about this instead:”Stuart, wow, you’ve made this a fascinating 2 hours for me. The chemistry is very good between us I love the things you’ve said and the questions you’ve asked. I’m deeply grateful to you for being so insightful as to the things that are important to [guerrilla marketers] everywhere.” ~ Jay Conrad LevinsonSatisfied? Happy? Well… you have to build this as part of your neurological hardwiring if you want to survive online. If you want to get more stuff out from where you are right now, join me to build a credibility plan.3. Entrepreneurial effectivenessI’m guilty of one thing – complaining that there isn’t enough effective business training for new internet marketers. And as a result of that, I got my just desserts – people asking me to be their business mentor and strategist.In my opinion, business training is not just about taking a degree in business management and graduating top of the class. It’s about making a business come to fruition. These skills include a whole bunch of stuff such as knowing how to conceive a business idea and put it into a plan in the first place. Another is to know what your strengths are and put them to use, while knowing how to delegate to people who can use their strengths together with yours. This basically implies the need for leadership.Most newbies are attracted to the opportunity, but not willing to make the time or effort. However, those who are leaders already take the next step and make this happen. Leadership in an organization is important – tons of authors have already made this clear, especially one John C. Maxwell, a very highly respected leadership thought leader. On the other hand, it may be that some people think of leadership as something so ‘normal’ they forget to revere the importance of its value in running a business.The biggest mistake one will make is to say that it takes hard work. No it doesn’t. It simply requires an effective and systematic mobilization of resources to get your system to work.4. Process thinkingBeing able to create a system presumes you need to know systems thinking as well as process thinking. Both are part of the same thing, and one needs to recognize this. If you are unaware of the power of systems thinking and process thinking, it means you have not been honing your thinking capabilities.One too many internet marketer has mentioned the need to learn to be physically ‘lazy’, but never mentally. I totally agree with this statement, but there needs to be more education to help you develop this competence of learning about process thinking. If, as an entrepreneur, you do not develop this capability, you will be incapacitated, unable to see the interrelations of a large variety of different things in the complex world of business. You will be unable to craft your own strategies. Jeff Walker is a clear example of how knowledge and clear thinking leads to powerful, powerful product launches.Marketing Style And CompetenceSo, what does this mean to the average person?I’d like to summarize and highlight a few competencies that you must know.
Systems Thinking. Creativity and innovation.
Rapid Learning Skills. NLP and Modeling.
Writing and content building skills
Online Leadership skills
Personal Mastery
Credibility Building Skills.

a. Rapport building
b. Selling and marketing
c. Managing your outsourced talent
d. Partnering and loyalty building skills

To gain access to knowledge, just join me on my site and there will be regular business tips and strategies that I’ll cover in upcoming trainings, teleseminars and online reports.

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Why People Do Not Link to You? Check Your Link Popularity!

Do you check your link popularity? What does this entail? Measures of online responsiveness, sensitivity and visibility in particular are quantified through link popularity checking. This reflects the total of links that a site has. Link popularity checker allows website owners to track their site’s relevance, search status and category.Why is it imperative to check your site’s popularity?The quantity of links to your website will be a big factor to its performance. Your website will be simpler and easier to locate if there are many links and this will direct more traffic as well. This means that there will be more chances and opportunity of converting sales. Link popularity services are now being offered for the promotion and endorsement of websites.What cause people not to link to your site?There may be several factors why this happens. Whatever those factors are, they must be passed up for your business to shine and excel in the production industry. It might be necessary to look at some points and consider revisions. Here are some of the reasons why people do not link to you with their corresponding solutions:o There are many deceitful and deceptive links that will not be of any help. It is important that analysis and investigation is carried out so as to avoid scammers.o Irrelevant and unnecessary web content maybe present in your site and this will be a cause of lessened links. Since your link popularity have an effect on the search engine ranking, it will be better to construct high quality, entertaining but educational items on your site.o Inbound links artificial methods are not good quality aids in increasing your site’s link popularity. You will just be throwing away money, effort and time without guarantee that you will reach the desired goal. It will be better to join reciprocal link services that could help you increase your links without being suspected by search engines.o Avoid constructing boring, dreary and mind numbing discussions. Enticing forums must be created so that your web will catch the attention of web visitors and other webmasters. By doing so, they will agree to link with your site.Having a high popularity rate is an outstanding and first rate source of steady, consistent and reliable targeted traffic. Link popularity services use various tools in order to have good link maintenance, supervision and management. Dominant and powerful link building line of attack has been created for better planning, implementation and performance. It is not enough that your site has many links; quantity and quality must go hand in hand. Fewer good links are better than having many but unproductive links. Knowing your link popularity will help you determine your place in the marketing business. Continuously tracking your rate will also enable you to compare your site with other leading advertisement. By doing this, you can plan and arrange more promotional activities for your website’s development and success. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check your link popularity now!

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The Importance Of Linking, Link Popularity Plus Tag And Ping

The majority of the major search engines use link popularity as an important factor in ranking relevancy. As search engines have become more sophisticated, so too has link popularity. Link popularity simply is the number of links from other websites that point to your website.This strategy has gained immense success due to the crawling nature of most search engines. Spiders crawl from link to link and store pages into their database. Link popularity is generally gained through reciprocal linking. Other websites would usually point to your website only if you have a link to their website from yours.A few years ago, the number of websites linking to your site gauged link popularity; little emphasis was placed on the “content relevancy” of the linking site. In an effort to gain more link popularity, “link farms” began sprouting up across the web. For a nominal fee, a website owner could join link farms and enjoy increased link popularity overnight.Search engines caught onto this tactic and created better tools for detecting legitimate links. Websites that have links from websites with “similar” or “relevant” content score higher, thus earn better placement in search engines.However, Avoid joining “link farms”; some search engines consider them a form of Spam. Many engines will actually penalize sites for maintaining an abundance of links from non-related websites. It is more important than ever to develop a solid “link-popularity” strategy. One excellent, although time consuming, method is to simply write complimentary website requesting a link exchange.Link analysis is somewhat different than measuring link popularity. While link popularity is generally used to measure the number of pages that link to a particular site, link analysis will go beyond this and analyze the popularity of the pages that link to your pages. In a way link analysis is a chain analysis system that accords weighting to every page that links to the target site, with weights determined by the popularity of those pages. Search engines use link analysis in their page-ranking algorithm. Search engines also try to determine the context of those links, in other words, how closely those links relate to the search string. For example if the search string was “toys”, and if there were links from other sites that either had the word toys within the link or in close proximity of the link, the ranking algorithm determines that this a higher priority link and ranks the page, that this is linked to, higher.The higher the page rank of the site linking back to yours the better. The so called “authority sites”, which may just be glorified link directories but have page rank of a PR6 or higher will rocket you to the top of search engine listings quickly.So how do you do this? Well the way to do it up until recently was by blogging and pinging, but now the new generation is using what is being referred to as “Tag and Ping”, referring to tags, such as Technorati tags placed in the blog and then pinged to authoritative social bookmarking sites.

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How Important Is Mobile Page Speed for SEO?

Every time Google comes up with some amazing yet surprising updates that impact your SEO in some or other manner. Google recently announced that page speed will be a ranking sign for mobile search starting in July. This is something mainly SEO pros have suspected for quite some time, but we’re glad it is now confirmed as Google has also started to roll out the mobile index, which directly puts mobile first.

Page speed is extremely significant for user experience. Pages that take a long time to load be likely to have higher bounce rates. Slow-loading pages can also unconstructively impact your conversion rates because end users won’t uncomplainingly wait for pages to load.

But Why Else Should You Care?

Now the question here arises is that why Google launched the mobile index and embraced a mobile-first move towards by dedicating a major index for mobile, I think page speed could become more of a mid-level signal than a trivial signal like HTTPs.

If you provide users with a high-quality content and user experience and they can discover what they are looking for – and the happy experience meets their intention across all devices and platforms and provides worth – why not?

Here are some things that you can do to get prepared

You need to get ready for the mobile index by making certain that you are providing the correct content experience and have high-quality content that satisfies consumer intention.

Make certain your pages load as speedily as likely, preferably within one to two seconds. It’s your sole responsibility to check the speed of your page and make a fast load time to find a solution to their problem or find something they are searching for. In your competition, there are certainly other sites that are other sites that are trying to get the click and so your site must load as rapidly as possible to remain reasonable.

In addition to this to make your website, mobile speed high is important as it will impact your SEO and rankings. While AMP isn’t a ranking factor right at the present, it could be in the prospect. There are other conducts to speed up your website if you do not want to use AMP. However, you should believe using AMP because these pages load tremendously fast – and you could potentially increase your conversions and see enhanced search engine rankings once AMP becomes a rank signal.

Wrap up section

Another situation could be almost certainly taking some page that is ranking well in the top rankings and stripping the page of all except some very light elements such as a small number of images and content – no CSS styling, no needless fancy JavaScript, etc.

With the launch of this mobile update and indexing Google now stating that speed will be an aspect of mobile, it is time to start taking this sincerely.

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Working From Home in a Business

Turn your home time into business time. Don’t just sit around the house doing nothing, pick up some books and search online about running your own home business.

What are some services that could be done from your home? Just take a look at the tech tools available and then start putting a plan together.

Could you do marketing from home? Just think of all the new businesses that get started around the globe. They have a common need in finding new customers and generating new leads. Enter the world of marketing from home. Come up with marketing plans and put them into action. There are lots of new ways to market because of tech advances. Learn the new marketing routes and present them as services to other companies in need.

Connecting to the internet with a web page is not the only way that companies go after reaching clients and prospects. Learn about social media and consider going after social media services. Just look around at all the laptops and mobile devices. Companies want to leverage the new tech for staying up with the competition. Could you do social media services from a home office?

Custom computer programs that get special tasks done might be another option for your home business. Learning the skill of programming might be for more than just doing computer work from an employee view. Learn how to code and then start coming up with custom solutions for problems from a business owner viewpoint.

Do you know something that others don’t? Take the time to learn about the consulting business. This could be a service that could be run from home or from a client office. Some consultants work by the hour and others might bill by the project. Learn the ups and downs of consulting and consider getting started from home.

Data is import and you might be able to earn income from home with paid online surveys. The way to earn is simple. Just enter the information requested and complete the surveys. You might also be able to earn more by gaining referrals for the surveys. This is something that could be done from a home computer in your spare time.

Create your own internet blogging sites. You could do this from your home office at your own time frame. Get some free time and turn it into online blog posts that you share on the internet. Set up online ads and build up your online audience. You might even what to add a newsletter or your own products in the future. Just do it from your home business.

Find some of the products that you like and check to see if they have an affiliate marketing program. You could earn money from home for promoting products with your affiliate links. It could also blend some of your other skills. It could be a chance to learn more about marketing and lead generation. This does not have to be hard selling, but something that you do for fun. Consider mixing it with your plans for home business blogging.

Create your own home business doing video marketing. You could start using your smartphone or an inexpensive camera to start creating videos for the online world. What if you don’t want to get on camera? Software is available to make videos without you becoming the online personality. Video is big for a few reasons. People might like watching videos more than doing lots of reading. Think about how mobile is taking off right now. Video is big on mobile. Get in early into the video marketing from home craze.

Start thinking about working from home. Don’t forget to include a plan for passive income. Working one time and getting paid for those efforts into the future is something that should be on the table. How can you get into passive income from online business? This will require some research. Just think about creating products that can pull in income into the future without too much extra effort. Home business and passive income should be a part of your equation.

Web standards are constantly changing and this is where web development comes into play. Learn about developing websites. Learn about programming and more. Building websites could be a part of the long term income plan. You could do this work from home. Just consider web development like real world real estate development. You want to keep putting up good online houses for people to come visit. Take online tutorials and start putting up your own websites for current and future income.

Building websites could be like the housing market. Are you going to be a customer or a producer? You want to have a good house, but what about making houses for others in the online space? Enter the world of flipping websites as a home business. People want good looking sites and you might become the online builder of note.

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The Straight Truth About Home Search Sites

I am no longer considered “human”

My carefully curated wish list of wants and needs for finding perfect home for my family have been reduced to nothing more than a SEARCH QUERY sent to a website. This website then spits back whatever home it thinks applies to me.

When I search for a house on all these online home search sites, does anyone really know or care what kind of home I’m looking for?? Or, are they more concerned with showing me ads and up-sells.

Ughhhh… for the last time: I don’t want to pre-qualify for a mortgage!!!”

Does anyone know that my mind cannot process looking at fifty houses that are all “Mediterranean” but look nothing like the one I want? I thought real estate was a people business?? What happened?!

What is good for big corporations isn’t always good for you

The other day I was shopping in the market. It was early on New Year’s Eve so the store was pretty frantic. The computer systems which handle the payments were running slow from the heavier-than-normal load.

Now I usually pay for my food by simply swiping my credit card, getting my receipt and I’m on my way. But that day, there was no swiping allowed. You see, my credit card now has this fancy computer chip inside so I must now insert the card into the cashiers payment device.

Why am I telling you this? Because my normal swiping takes about 15 secs to process – even in heavy traffic – but now this “insert” nonsense takes about triple the amount of time and on New Year’s Eve it took well over 5 minutes.

So why can’t I swipe anymore?? Because the corporations I buy from can retrieve and store much more information about me and my spending habits through the chip in my card. Good for the corporations, not so good for me and my schedule.

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases in your life, so why can’t I talk to a human being during the online search process?

Here are 5 things, online home search sites do to irritate me

#1 – Computer generated results are way too vague.

Using just keywords to find my dream home just isn’t a good enough system. I.e, how many homes can be described as “traditional” or “contemporary”??!

If I have a question about the specifics of the neighborhood, do I have to contact the realtor on each property I receive?? Do I have time to make 50 phone calls to realtors a day?? NOPE.

Why can’t I just tell someone in the beginning all the specifics, IN PLAIN ENGLISH and have them do the searching for me?
What about a service which I could send in a few pictures of particular homes I like and they would match the style and send me back similar ones for sale?
What if I could work with dozens of realtors in my area, yet only explain what I am looking for once?
#2 – It seems like I am always competing with other buyers for the realtor’s attention, callbacks, etc.

So what happens when you are interested in a home and contact the corresponding real estate agent. Am I already fighting a sea of buyers interested in the property? Will the realtor call me back?

Answers are “Yes” and “Maybe”. Many homebuyers are unaware of the difference between the listing agent on a property and a buyer’s agent.

If you call the listing agent on the property, the first question they will ask is: “Are you currently working with an agent?” – translation: do I have to split my commission with someone else?

Now, if you call about a certain property and get a buyer’s agent, they will be more than happy to speak to you – however, this buyer’s agent now has to get through to the listing agent (the listing agent, remember, is the one who wants to bring their OWN buyer to property to secure 100% of the commission), so you are at a disadvantage.

If you are lucky enough to get through to the listing agent (many of them are extremely busy managing other sellers with their other listings in the neighborhood) AND you have beaten the other buyers to the punch, then you have a good chance of moving forward.

OK OK OK, so… if this is the current system, how do we put the home buyer back in charge??

One way would be to create a new system where agents and buyers interact differently. Could this really happen?

#3 – I have feedback on the home results I’m getting, but there’s no one I can talk to about it.

Confession: I am not an ultra tech-savvy person who LOVES to interact with the internet every single second of the day to get what I want. This is the “new age” and I should adapt, right? I mean, who really needs human conversation and interaction anymore anyway.

Call me old-fashioned, but I want to speak to a human sometimes. Especially when it involves the largest purchase in one’s life; i.e., a home.

If I’m getting results for properties that aren’t a good match, can’t I just call someone and explain what I’m looking for to another human being?

Perhaps this human being could better interpret my wish list and refine my search to speed up this whole process.

#4 – Are the “Top Agents” which are shown in the search results just realtors who paid the most money to be there?

Short answer, “Yes”. The preferred agents or top agents in many online home search sites are simply local realtors who are part of the site’s paid advertising program. They pay a monthly premium to show up on search results in the area of their choosing.

SPOILER ALERT: Seeing realtor profiles next to properties which they have nothing to do with is a bit deceiving. Often, you will call them about a specific property (which features their headshot next to it) and they will have no idea what property you are referring to.

Don’t believe me? – Pick a property and call the top or preferred agent and ask them specifics about it; then listen to them fumble while they try to look up its details on their device – or steer you into another direction like “what is it you are looking for exactly”? “I have another property which would be a better fit for you” – i.e., steering you to their own listing, so they would get the full commission rather than splitting with another agent, etc.

#5 – Why am I constantly being “upsold” with ads?

Could you PLEASE stop asking me if I want to apply for a mortgage/pre-approval/etc. I mean, if I really wanted to get pre-approved, I would do so with my bank or another institution I trust.

I guess the real question is: Have all these home search sites really researched these mortgage lenders? Or is it the same deal as whichever-lender-pays-more-gets-featured type of thing.

Yeah, yeah, I understand “that’s how the internet works dummy – you have to see ads all day”, but it’s getting a little out of control. However if I ever search for “a building erected after 1970” and I get Viagra ads; well, then I will have to say something.

Would you consider a new way of searching for a new home?

What if, let’s say, we shifted the focus away from the property and put the focus on the people actually buying the properties; i.e., the home buyers.

What if, their needs were featured and given importance FIRST, before we start clogging the internet with more sites featuring pictures of infinity pools, tennis courts, marble bath tubs/spas, etc – Which is now better known as “Real Estate Porn”.

What if someone got all the information from the home buyer first, on a phone call and took very detailed notes. Then packaged this information up and sent it out to the top real estate professionals in each market.

These professionals would then send back details on all the homes for sale which meet these criteria. That would be revolutionary.

What are your thoughts on this? How would you like to improve the whole online home search process?

I am often amazed at how many home buyers I meet and speak with who have not ever questioned the current process of finding a new home. To many, this process is simply THE ONLY WAY.

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